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Born in 2017 TokenData is the result of an in-depth reflection and long-term work. Here’s our story.

When in 2015 we started to hear about the Consensys project - https://thebkp.com - it was like everything we knew collapsed. We then dig into the Blockchain subject and we felt like a new world was opening its doors to us.

We also discovered the Ethereum project, and started to follow and support all the extraordinary programs that happened in 2016. The rocket was launched, and more and more companies started to finance themselves through ICOs. We therefore had to - due to the impossibility to support all new promising projects - start collecting data in the aim of evaluation. At this point, we realized that the traditional methods of analysis we used to know do not apply here. For two reasons: 1) Ecosystem stakeholders are very different from traditional investment circles and thus from decision-making behaviors. 2) The data available was not sufficient for the application of financial models and econometric analysis acknowledged.

We started to focus on Big Data methodologies and more specifically on artificial intelligence. Since 2017, we are collecting millions of data on the Blockchain sector. For this purpose, we are using the most advanced machine learning technologies and try to create alpha sources of alternative and derived data.

These past years saw an explosion in the number of companies funded through ICOs, and many of them turned out to be scams. While our tools allowed us to detect them relatively early, we realized that many contributors had been tempted by investments in projects that would never see the light of day. This type of behavior, if it lasts for too long and attracts too many fraudsters, can lead to an anti-selection phenomenon on the market and discourage contributors who wish to support the best ICOs.

That's why since the beginning of 2017 we have been working on the development of a platform to spread our work to as many people as possible, by offering reliable and complete datasets as well as by creating and improving new indicators to allow the eco-system of the Blockchain to grow even faster.

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Alexis is an engineer with 10 years of experience in entrepreneurship, in investment banks and industry. He dreams of creating a robust global network of blockchain enthusiasts Passionate about startups and disruptive digital innovations, he has managed for the last 3 years CINQS - acquired on December 2016 by Chabé Group (Europe leader in private chauffeurs) and lead a high-level team to increase revenue from 0 to up to 12M€.
Alexis Berthoud
Chief Executive Officer
Ecole des Mines and Paris Dauphine University graduate
Agathe is a fullstack data scientist with strong interests in Machine Learning & Quantitative Finance with a passion for data analysis. She continually seeks to discover the hidden signals in alternative data and to evangelize the world about the blockchain revolution. With an educational background in Economics, she is deeply involved in both the technical & business aspects of finding alpha sources for the Blockchain community, leading research efforts on numerous datasets.
Agathe Jambu Merlin
Chief Operating Officer
Stanford and Paris Sorbonne University graduate
Ex-CTO and french ProductHunt leader, he has a 10 years background in Entrepreneurship. Passionate about Start-up and Disruptive Digital Innovations. He is also « agile développement » coach.
Steed Monteiro
Chief Agile Officer
Graduated in Computer Science, Paris Jussieu University
Ex-CTO for CINQS. Founder of many project like Drop Feature by Techcrunch. He launched his first app for iOS at age 16 and he is a early bitcoin investor in 2013. Back end and product design specialist, he is passionate about Start-up, Data and Finance.
Ethan Sebban
Chief Data Officer
Graduated in Finance and Computer Science, Paris Dauphine University
Yann is a developper with over 5 years of experience. Tech specialist on Node.js, React, React Native and MongoDB he is also passionate about product and design.
Yann Pringault
Fullstack Developer
42 school graduate
Max is a resourceful Data Scientist / AI Guru with over ten years’ experience in modeling, simulation, prediction, validation, testing, measurement, analyzing, optimization from top research institutes and industries of aerospace, machinery, manufacturing, real estate, automotive, finance. Hi is trilingual (English, German, and Mandarin) with excellent written and verbal communication skills. He was awarded four times best paper/presentation at highly rated international conferences.
Max Huang
Legendary Senior Data Scientist
PhD Hamburg University of Technology
Partha has 20 years of tech experiences and has been working on applying Machine Learning models to crypto economy for more than two years. He masters the creation of equity trading strategies and algorithmic trading based on machine learning. MBA Finance graduate from Nit Durgapur & Engineering graduate from Sardar Vallabhbhai National Institute Of Technology Nit.
Partha Sen
Crypto Senior Data Scientist
Graduated of MBA in finance National Institute of Technology Durgapur
She has a passion to be a excellent Data Scientist in the future. She is mainly engaging in some Machine Learning (Deep learning) project now. Her work involves Web Scraping, Data Analysis, Building Model, Classification and Prediction. She believes « Only freedom from vanity can show one's lofty aspirations; and only tranquility of mind can help him to achieve something really lasting. »
Yijing Li
Genius Junior Data Scientist
Master student of Biostatistics in University of California, Davis
Sophie is a Marketing specialist, graduated from the MIT. She masters external as well as internal communication and has worked on top A companies such as RedBull & Instagram on growing their communities and help these companies recruit the best talents.
Sophie Gervais
Marketing Specialist
Graduated of Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Computational Science
Jonathan Nabais is a marketer with over four years of diversified experience in marketing. He helps companies implement coherent strategies to stimulate their growth. He has hands-on managing several projects like NapoleonX in international markets, involved in blockchain since 2017.
Jonathan Nabais
Marketing Specialist
MBA in Digital Strategy of Golden Gate University
Sophie is a French lawyer, researcher and entrepreneur. She advises debtor companies, credit institutions and distressed investors on out-of-court refinancings and restructurings, as well as on in-court insolvency proceedings, both domestic or cross-border. I also advise advise investors and shareholder advocacy groups on corporate governance, proxy contests etc. She is an ICO structuration specialist.
Sophie Vermeille
Legal ICO & IPO Structuring Specialist
Paul is a research fellow at « Droit & Croissance » “Rules for Growth”, an open independent non-partisan think tank (which takes part in public debates, assists policymakers and influences legislators) while pursuing a PHD at Paris Assas University. He’s also an Msc in Law & Finance candidate at the University of Oxford.
Paul Oudin
Legal Crypto Specialist
Research Team
Atif Ellahie
Daniele Macciocchi
Thomas Bourveau
Emmanuel de George
Advisors & Investors
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