Unleash the power of the world’s crypto data
TokenData is the first multi-exchange platform that builds and executes professional investment decisions, relying on an awesome crypto-assets Data Lake.
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Technology at it’s best to serve business intelligence
TokenData is a ground-breaking innovator in the creation of alternative data which are the ultimate source of power.
Why are we pursuing an STO?
TokenData is an asset back token and the TDA token is the first European security token powered by Ethereum to offer its holders an unique quarterly share profit distribution.
Share Profit Program
Each trimester, we get the token status distribution and allocate 30% of profits to all the token holders, in proportion to the number token that each investor holds. The payment of share profit will be proceed in ETH.
Top Holder Program
Our top holders program offers a discount up to 50% of the licence price for the largest holders of TDA tokens.
Bonus Holder
Each month, and until the first anniversary of the STO, a bonus up to 20% of the number of TDA Tokens held by each investor will be paid in token.
Token as a payment
To access to our services, Token TDA is committed to applying a real time exchange rate available on a reference market to TDA Tokens, to which we will be able to apply a discount in order to reward the token holder.
A global information and technology company
We use our dynamic network of data, ideas and analysis to solve difficult problems every day.
S2 2017
  • Idea
  • First Data Set collected
  • First econometric analysis
S1 2018
  • First Trade Data collected
  • First Core ICO Data collected
  • Data management processing
S2 2018
  • Design GUI Interface
  • Redesign Cloud Architecture
  • Team sourcing expansion
T1 2019
  • AI index improvement
  • Alternative Data Set integration for AI modeling
  • International expansion
T2 2019
  • Token Generation Event
  • Token Listing on Top 5 Security Exchange
  • Governing council, member recruitment
  • Strategy development plan
T3 2019
  • Development of local headquarters
  • Monopoly Market
  • Enlargement to the traditional AI companies market
T4 2019
  • Order management interface
  • Valuation Index supervised and unsupervised method
  • Unvaluation index
Support & Recognition